Parent Born Every Minute Competition

For every new baby born, there is a parent who is about to embark on an exciting and wonderful, but scary and challenging journey. Parenthood is like nothing else in the world. Whether this is your first baby or you've done it all before, to us the birth of every baby is also the birth of a hero - that's you!

At Love To Dream™ we are all about supporting our heroes. We exist to celebrate the power of sleep and dreams to brighten our world - and we want to give you and your little dreamer more of it! 83% of parents who used our Swaddle Up™ said it almost doubled* their sleep and we hope this is the same for you.


To celebrate all the parents who welcomed their little one in June 2022, we are giving away 3 x Love To Dream Swaddle Up™ Original vouchers.

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*Source: Survey of 1,242 Australian LOVE TO DREAM™ consumers, July 2017


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